A “Commission” is a many-faceted thing for me! Unlike many artists, I not only create commissioned
work for private clients; I am also frequently commissioned to engage with diverse organizations to design a process and then facilitate the creation of artwork and artistic rituals with groups of people. The common thread? Helping people bring their vision of beauty and harmony into a focused reality. Put another way, the unifying theme in my commissions is working with and for people to create art that accomplishes their goals and “gives voice” to their creativity! It could be a mural or sculpture for a private or community garden; a backsplash for a kitchen or bathroom; a special piece using memorabilia that’s important to you, or an art-based ritual that brings people together for any number of purposes.

I begin by visiting the site to discuss the ”nittie gritties” of the project: the vision for the desired piece, materials, environmental and technical considerations, and budget. I also listen deeply to what people want; I assist the client – whether individuals, families, or entire schools or neighborhoods envision the process and decide how involved they want to be. This first step of project consulting is offered free of charge. From this understanding, a contract, timeline and budget are drawn up, and the project is underway!

Contact me to discuss your project.