The Mosaic Tile House
Venice, California


The Mosaic Tile House in Venice, California, is a magnificently resplendent labor of love and mosaic madness! Fine artists Cheri Pann and Gonzalo Duran have spent over a decade adorning their home, yard and studio - inside and out - with mosaics of every imaginable material. From pinchpots to mirror, ceramic tiles to bottlecaps, porcelain rabbits, costume jewelry and plastic toys, the swirls of color, light andmotiona are found on every possible surface. The couple took a course in construction and learned to design and build the ceramic and painting studio attached to their home. There, Cheri fabricates tiles and both work on sculpture and large-scale painting. The backyard sports a sculptural mosiac homage to the Watts Towers, created with Gonzalo's armatures of rebar and wire.

I'm honored and delighted to contribute to this monumental undertaking when I am in Los Angeles. The photos here document recent outdoor sectoin I've been working on. To see more of the Mosaic Tile House, please visit their website at