Hypki Consulting...

The principles of social justice that inform my work as a community artist were well honed over the past 18 years working with organizations on the forefront of change. I began consulting in community development work in 1992 when I founded Hypki Consulting.

Hypki Consulting brings18 years of experience in youth and community development work with over 40 stakeholder groups in revitalization and social change:

youth-serving organizations
community groups
charitable foundations
public agencies

Hypki Consulting provides support, assessment, planning, coaching, staff development, brainstorming, facilitation, problem solving, community art, and the creative design of experiences that move groups toward accomplishing their goals.

We specialize in innovative methods to help groups and individuals leverage their strengths, identify partners and potential stakeholders, and sustain their work.

NEW in 2010! I am now endorsed by  The   Center  for  Youth  Program  Quality  (CYPQ)  as  a  reliable  assessor  for  the  Youth  Program  Quality   Assessment.

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