Bay Life Triptych Mosaic Mural
The St. Paul’s School for Girls

More than a year in the planning and creation, the Bay Life Triptych mosaic mural was installed at the St. Paul’s School for Girls in Baltimore on September 24, 2009. The artwork celebrates the rich natural resources of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay and the efforts of SPSG students to care for this natural treasure as a part of their biology studies and the school’s environmental ethic. The series of mosaic abstractions is accomplished using a variety of media – including recycled and sandblasted bottles, student-crafted ceramic figures of flora and fauna, and brilliant vitreous glass tiles with metallic highlights.

The diverse media reflect the interdisciplinary nature of study between the arts and the sciences at the SPSG, and the many talents of its students. The mural memorializes the extraordinary contribution of Zee Fambrough, beloved instructor of biology at SPSG between 1979 and 1995, to the education of hundreds of young women in the sciences through a generous contribution by her husband, Dr. Douglas Fambrough, their family, friends and colleagues.

Now installed in the sciences wing of the school, the mural’s 3 vertical panels each 3’ long by 5 ‘ high, comprise 45 square feet of mosaic work. Beautifully hand crafted frames were fabricated by
Mark Supik & Co., Baltimore. Installation by Schiller Contracting. Glass etching by Dan Herman Studios. Fabrication assistance by Carryn Horrigan and Martie Judy. Mock up by abfab Designs. Design and color consultation thanks to Kini Collins and Laura Vernon Russel. Student artwork thanks to collaboration with SGSG teachers Katie Rickman and Terry Grant.

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