Mt. Washington Elementary
Mosaic Sign
The alphabet takes a walk on the wild side at the intersection of Locklea Road and Kelly Avenue in Mt. Washington!   The Outdoor Classroom sports a new sign created in part by students at the nearby school.  Spelling out the words:  "Mt. Washington Elementary School" are, among other letters, a "W" with eyes and a mouth, a green, yellow and purple zig zag "l", a bright yellow "n" with multicolored polka dots, and a "t" with a big funny nose.  The mosaics just completed in my studio surround these fantastical letters and many fabulous ceramic faces of children, created by 4th and 5th grade students.

Many thanks are in order for help on this project!  First and foremost, thanks to the artists who poured lots of creativity and imagination into the ceramics, and to Principal Sue Torr who approved the project. The PTO parents, once again, did all of the organizing and fundraising and remain a joy to work with!  The Art teacher, Ms. Moon, and former Art teacher and Mt. Washington resident Marlene Sandler assisted as well.  Baltimore Clayworks fired the ceramics.  A big thank you to my technical collaborators Shug Jones, Tim Goss, and Marty Judy; and my two heavy lifters
Rob Pawloski and John “JB” Byorth. Neighborhood residents Bryan McKnight and Hank Purcell and Midwestern mosaic interns Mary Ketarkus Brown and Deb Jacoby helped with fabrication. Thanks also to Mary Brown’s inspired design assistance. It takes a village to raise a moaic!